Earl Heyman – Super Bowl Champ

Posted: February 8, 2010 by robjoneslyes in Freak Stuff
Earl Heyman hoisted the Lombardi trophy last night as a Super Bowl champion member of the New Orleans Saints. The Saints in their infinite wisdom signed the former Louisville defensive tackle to a three-year contract after he went inexplicably undrafted last season. Heyman was a part of the Cardinals Orange Bowl team and is a product of Ballard High School. Big Earl, who’s brother Dexter is a returning defensive end for Charlie Strong, can always tell his grandkids that he was a part of a defense that stopped the almighty Peyton Manning and won the title. He will forever be enshrined in Super Bowl and New Orleans lore for his accomplishment.


OK, that was a little over the top. So what if he was just a part of the Saints’ practice squad all year? I don’t think Earl minds at all. Heyman still can claim himself to be a champion in both the Big East and the Super Bowl. He got to compete against the high-powered Drew Brees/ Sean Payton offense, score some serious bling in the form of a championship ring (yes, practice squad players do get rings from what I’m told) and probably threw a few beads out/Hurricane’s back on Bourbon Street along the way.


Maybe this will pay off for Earl this offseason and he can secure a spot on an active roster in 2010 – Saints or not. I’m sure there was a learning curve this season for Heyman due to the fact he was coached by a bum his final years here. Although, he did have a season under Ron English, so hopefully it wasn’t that tough to fix. I don’t think his little brother is going to have the same problem.


Congrats to Earl Heyman. Louisville grown Super Bowl Champ

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