Obama…the harbinger of destruction?

Posted: January 27, 2010 by Cardchak in Posted by Nathan Arizona

I have taken great joy in Obama’s ability to support things that completely fail.  From Healthcare, the Virginia Governor’s race, New Jersey’s Governor’s race to Mr. Brown’s big win in Massachusetts last week. 

Now Ole Barry has shared a little of the bad Karma on the newly appointed Kentucky Wildcats.  How ironic.   After seeing the smug Coach Squid talk to the President and then seeing Wall and Cousins struggle to utter a grammatically correct sentence, I can say they got what they deserved. 

Unfortunately for UK, the $30 Million they PAID for this recruiting class will not bring them an undefeated season.  We’ll see what this $30 Million brings them in the next couple of years (have fun Sandy Bell). 

We should send all the Constables and Sheriffs in the entire state to the nearest bridge in their respective counties. We don’t want UK fans to jump and pollute our freshwater streams.

Well Calipari, what do you have to say now?  You have marketed this program and promoted this program in a relentless fashion.  You had the Big Blew faithful lining up to drink the Jim Jones punch.  Now you actually have to explain a LOSS?  God Forbid.  And, you actually have to explain a loss to all the crooked coal and horsemen who were more than happy to pay for Big Cus and The Great Wall to come here. 

 The problem you have is, you play in a pathetic league.  Your RPI is 117.  You got beaten by a team who will be a second round casuality in the NIT.  You got drilled on the boards by inferior talent.  And, most importantly, you ignored your best player-the Boogerman. 

Well, just like what happened to Barry Hussein Obama last week, gravity took over.  Back to the Earth you come.  Enjoy.   And if you UK fans decide to jump, please jump into a trout stream.  Those rainbows need food too.

  1. marks09 says:

    What are so mad about Mr. Nathan Arizona? Such negativity in this post. As you can probably already guess I read this blog because I am interested in local sports news, not because I care about your political opinion. President Obama (I know that probably ticks you off that I refer to him with that title) called the UK basketball team to congratulate them on their substantial fundraising activity for the relief efforts in Haiti. Now I love to cut on UK basketball as much as the next guy, but I have to give credit when due. What the UK basketball program did for Haitian relief was amazing, and deserves credit without ridicule. There is nothing funny about the devastation in Haiti and for UK basketball to raise over $1 million during basketball season is awesome, and says a lot more about the program than any Number 1 ranking ever could.

    Your attitude sounds about like that of the self-righteous blowhard Rush Limbaugh, hoping for our President to fail. Please keep your politics out of your sports, because most of your blog posts are interesting and entertaining; and I would like to continue reading what you have to say.

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