Random Thoughts from the Weekend

Posted: January 17, 2010 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan

How do you blow a five point lead in 42 seconds?   One of your senior totally clocks out mentally at the free throw line.   Lil Eddie shot bricks  from the charity stripe and then totally gags  one, leaving it way short.   He looked like a kid that has never been under pressure before.   Then in over time Samuels never touches the ball after having a career regulation.   Not saying that was all Lil Eddies  fault but he is the point guard and one of the senior leaders.  The other Senior leader. Jerry “not shown up for 08-09 yet” Smith commits the worse clutch foul I’ve seen in a while.   That dude wasn’t close to the  basket or close to taken a shot.   Once the game went to OT you had to be worried as a cards fan.   Is Swope falling away from the corner  with a guy on him the best we could have done with 7 seconds left in OT???     Rick Pitino has his work cut out for him to keep the Cards in the hunt for the Big Dance.  What will Cardinal fans have to say about their coach if he goes to his third NIT in nine years?

What a difference a year  and a coaching change can make?   Cal has the cats undefeated and headed for a possible number one over all seed in the dance and Pitino has the Cards fighting to get in.  A complete 180 from a year ago.  

I saw some of the LIT this weekend and  this Trinity team is special.  The Sewell Kid is fun to watch, He can shoot it and take it to the rack and dunk in traffic.   It is definitely not a one man show.  He has great players around him and they all play very hard.  Catch a game if you can.


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