Brian Brohm Makes Debut

Posted: December 27, 2009 by Bacon in Posted by Larry Loobers

Former Louisville quarterback Brian Brohm made his 1st NFL start today for the Buffalo Bills against the Atlanta Falcons. While the game may have not gone as desired by Brohm, he still didn’t play to bad for a guy who just joined the team less than two month ago.

Brohm finished the day 15/29 passing for 146 yards but two interceptions and a QB rating of only 43.2. The Bills would lose their tenth game on the season to the Falcons 31-3

While Brian may not have to many great stories to take from this game he did leave with one bit of trivia. Late in the 3rd quarter Brian connected with Terrell Owens over the middle for a 15 yard gain. It would be Owens 1,000 reception of his career.

Exactly 13 years and 2 months to the day (10/27/96), Brian’s older brother Jeff Brohm had hit Terrell Owens for a 20 yard TD pass (Owens 2nd of his career) to beat the than Houston Oilers 10-9. Terrell Owens may not have many fans in the NFL but I know a brother tandem at quarterback  that have zero bad things to say about him.


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