Pitino’s Summer Of Love And The Collateral Damage…

Posted: December 12, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff

Western who?  WTF?  Does this game fall into the Gardner-Webb genre?  Does it fall in the VMI debacle?  Do we have two accomplished head coaches on the bench?  What the hell is Walter McCarty doing with the big guys?  NOTHING.

The “Summer of Love” has now officially cost us, possibly, the two most embarrassing losses at home in Pitino’s tenure here.  I will always wonder what it cost the overall number one seed last year as well. 

The coaching of this team is a joke.  The recruiting has been and continues to be a joke.  Some of the players on this roster wouldn’t play on D2 teams.  And yet, the price of being a season ticket holder-booster continues to rise.

Just think of the poor scalpers who will take a hit next year for the new arena.  Maybe they will be able to make some money when the NIT comes to town.  I would probably have to guess Pitino is really hoping for the expanded field the NCAA is currently considering.

Just think of what the Big East teams are going to do to this horrible team this year.  Just think what UK will do to them in a couple of weeks…


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