Football Coach Named! – Now On To Pitino

Posted: December 10, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff

Finally a football coach has been named.  I don’t know much about him but am excited about the prospect of getting off the doormat of the Big East.  I am also excited because the last idiot we had is now several hundred miles away.

Now I (and the rest of us) should turn our attention to Coach Pitino.  I say this because things aren’t going so well for this basketball team.  As you can see by the product on the court, the lack of recruiting legitimate basketball players has finally festered.  We, quite frankly, do not have the athleticism to compete at the highest level.  Swopshire?  Kuric? I truly believe Siva and  Buckles are the only freshman we have that have top-tier Division 1 talent.  Siva is the only impact player brought in this year and, as usual, is slowly being worked into the rotation.    Buckles reminds me of Palacios which is good.  Marra and VanTreese are projects.  I am not impressed with the shooting of “the best shooter” Pitino has ever recruited.  Another striking issue is (and has continued be) the lack of development of big guys in this program.  I continue to question the effectiveness of Walter McCarty on this staff.  Have you seen any improvement of the game of Samardo and TJ?  I thought not.  Why is this guy around if he isn’t helping the big guys develop? 

Now comes a situation that is eerily similar to what the football program just went through.  Just like the football program, the basketball program will have thousands of new seats to fill next year.  Unlike the football program, the basketball program has ZERO good recruiting news for next year.  Do you imagine this team hosting the first round of the NIT in the new arena next year?  Don’t laugh, that prospect is looming large.   Richard Pitino was the backbone of recruiting around here.  I think it is because he is young, energetic and has a big name.  Unlike his father, he is using his name to his advantage.  

More negativity:  how can this team look so horrible with two head coaches on the bench?  Willard and Pitino are both accomplished head coaches.  Yes, we had three important players inactive for the game.  Yes, we got punked in our gym with a mid-tier Charlotte team.  Jesus, it reminded me of the old C-USA days (with a crappy Crum team), watching Charlotte make us look like a bunch of high schoolers.  That was pathetic and the coaches should be ashamed. 

It is not fair to count the coach out at this time.  The season is long and the Big East doesn’t appear to be as strong as it was last year.  We have a chance to win some games against teams that would have pounded this team last year.  Pitt and UCONN are weaker than last year.  Syracuse and West Virginia look strong.  The problem is, unlike the last few years, we do not have the athleticism we had in the past. 

One key recruiting development to watch in the upcoming months is, Marquis Teague.  His father played for Pitino.  He should have committed already.  He hasn’t and that raises flags.  If we don’t get this kid, it could be very emblematic what is going to be happening here in the next couple of years.  It should also cause the fans and the administration to turn up the heat on our coach.


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