Matt Simms Visiting University of Tennessee Next Week

Posted: December 5, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff, Posted by Nathan Arizona

I reported this months ago but now, finally, it is hitting the presses.  A couple of months ago, a guy who I know who used to work for UT as the Director of Football Ops told me that Matt Simms would probably wind up at UT. 

From what I heard, they have been working on Matt’s rather quirky delivery.  The guy told me that Matt is throwing the ball well and would be a good guy to get into UT because of the need for a QB who had some experience. 

Good for you Matt!  Sorry the idiot we had here didn’t like you (for whatever reason) but we are glad to see you succeed.  It would be cool to see you in a big bowl next year.  It would just be more nails in KrapTurd’s coffin – and in his coaching career.  (See:  Anthony Allen)


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