The Krapturd Saga And The Collateral Damage…

Posted: November 30, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff, Posted by Nathan Arizona

I am hearing through some sources/friends who attend the press conference that Mr. Jurich feels a rather sizeable amount of contempt towards the fans.  In other words, he is blaming us for this disaster. 

The arrogance in this administration is rather interesting.  For an AD to blame fans , who are paying his salary, is ridiculous. 

Just think of how he feels about us…He didn’t consider any other candidates other than his “chosen one.”  He didn’t bother to create a search committee.  And most damaging and concerning is, he did this with a team loaded with NFL talent, a hell of a lot of momentum and the team that was ranked in the preseason top 10.  In essence, he pulled a buddy into a situation that was set up for glory.  You know, kind of like hiring a buddy into a job that would be the opportunity of a lifetime for a rather unknown commodity. 

For me, it was rather pleasing seeing Tom Jurich conduct the press conference on Saturday.  It was similar to watching Clinton admit his mistakes, Jim Baker admit his “sins against you, ” you get the point.  The best thing about this whole process is, Tom Jurich had to drink a big fat cup of shut the hell up and eat a 16 oz. slice of raw crow.

Think about this…Tom Jurich pissed away $7.6 Million to this fool he brought in here.  I don’t want to hear the rhetoric about him “not being a fit” or “the fans didn’t give him a chance.”  I want Tom Jurich to apologize for wasting the money and our time.  I want him to apologize to us for bringing in an idiot who couldn’t manage games, running off players or not being able to connect with the fans.  I also, most importantly, want to hear him apologize to all the players for this mess.  The AD of the year allowed his beloved football team to become the Bad News Bears.

There lies the problem.  This has not only been a disaster as far as wins and losses go.  It has been an unmitigated disaster with how the fans feel about Jurich and the program he allowed to be damaged.  It will be a long time before the casual (bandwagon) fan returns.  Unfortunately at UofL, we need those bandwagoners to come out to fill the seats.  Bandwagoners will go somewhere else to have fun until this thing gets righted.  Most importantly,  the diehards and regular season ticket holders need a reason to come back also.

  1. pmcard says:

    let it go…winning solves everything

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