He Gone…

Posted: November 28, 2009 by robjoneslyes in Louisville Football, Posted by Rob Jones

Ding Dong....He Gone!The immortal words of Hawk Harrelson are perfect to describe what transpired today in Louisville football. He gone….and we can move forward.

“He” is Steve Kragthorpe and he will not return as football coach next season. To be quite honest, he will not be missed. A great person doesn’t always translate into a great…or for that matter good..football coach. You can’t blame it on Bobby, fans’ high expectations, or lack of talent anymore. Tom Jurich admitted to making a mistake today..

“I informed him we were going to be making a change to the football staff (I) told him how much I appreciated all his hard work I just felt  we needed to go in another direction to get this program back on the track we all strive to be on” Jurich said.

The greatest AD in the country looked pretty down at the noon press conference, going as far to say that this was 100% his fault. In my opinion, he gave Kragthorpe a shot in big-time college football and the embattled coach didn’t rise to the occasion. Sounds like a good-friend, not someone who was at fault for the downfall of the Louisville football program. Jurich is too classy to throw his old crony under the bus.

When asked if he had someone lined-up to replace Krag, Jurich said he has “people”, however he refuses to contact anyone while they’re still playing.  Jurich explained that he won’t contact a coach going into a bowl game after what was done to him by John L. Smith & Michigan St. at halftime of the GMAC Bowl in ’02. I find that rather hard to believe. These coaches have agents and are always keeping their heads on a swivel for the “next best thing” . There are a lot of quality jobs that could open up and Jurich won’t be the guy to get burnt by another AD with less morals.  

A list of potential candidates has been adding up since the announcement this afternoon. Pat Forde says the two heaviest in speculation are Houston coach Kevin Sumlin and Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong. Others Forde and others have mentioned are former Tennessee coach Phil Fulmer, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach, Central Michigan head-man Butch Jones, former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, and even currently embattled Notre Dame coach Charlie Weiss. Obviously, we are going to have to syphon between which are bogus and which are legitimate moving forward.

Stay tuned to LSB for the absolute latest on the coaching situation. And by the way, pants are optional today…..It’s a celebration! 

  1. pmcard says:

    Here’s hoping for a STRONG Cardinal Nation! Go Cards!

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