Black Friday Bowl

Posted: November 23, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan
If you listened to Cards radio today you probably heard about a promotion with Cards radio, Neutral Zone and Big Brothers/ Big Sisters.    Cards Radio is asking people with tickets to the Rutgers game   they “can’t use” to bring them to Neutral Zone and they will give them to Big Brothers/Big Sisters.  This is a great idea and a great way to give Kids a chance to go to a game that normally wouldn’t have chance to go.   It also reminds me of the Bob Webber days when you got a free ticket with the purchase of a gallon of milk at Dairy Mart.   In the Coach Krap era the tickets are sold and the administration knows apathy has set in with Cardinal football fans and they are trying to avoid being completely embarrassed on national TV with a half empty stadium.    I’m sure we will get more of the it was a perfect storm spin like we did for the half empty stadium when the Cards played Arkansas St.   It was the day after Thanksgiving,  the weather and the shopping.   TJ and Cards radio are pulling out all of the stops on this one.   Hopefully it works and the kids can spend some time with people who are a good influence on them and hopefully the ESPN announcers don’t tell the National audience why the stadium isn’t empty.    I’m sure TJ and his boys will handle that one.  How far have we fallen when we have turned a home game into a charitable event?   I hope the Neutral Zone gives these kids a free red shirt for the game.
It’s Monday and that means we get to hear from Coach Krap.  Check back later today for some classic quotes.   We only have a couple more weeks of Krap so hopefully he can give us a few good ones on his way out. 
  1. wow, now they are guilting us into going to the game? now that is a ploy that may work!

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