Pitino out recruited by Bruce Pearl this time?

Posted: November 19, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff

As most of you probably know, Tobias Harris committed to Tennessee today.  I think this is pretty big news.  Add this to the list of misses for next year’s class.  Have any of you been to Knoxville?  Have any of you been to UT’s arena?  Did any of you, like me, attend the game in Charlotte a couple of Sweet Sixteens ago when we absolutely spanked sweaty Bruce’s Vols?  Those facts, alone, should give us a leg up on a school like UT.

It is just another reason to question how Coach’s recruiting has been going the last several years.  Most importantly, it is another reason to consider the significance of the news cycles this summer.  Of course, the spinsters are going to be quick to talk about Earl Clark, Caracter, Samardo and Siva.  All of that is true-they were great gets.

The most concerning part of this most recent miss is, this is coupled with the news that Pitino is eyeing the nation’s number one rated JUCO star.  JUCO star?  Didn’t Rick swear them off a couple of years ago?

I won’t dwell on the negativity that surrounds recruiting at this moment but will put a very important question out there.  If Pitino misses out on Teague (a former Pitino player’s son), should we start worrying about what this team is going to look like in the next couple of years? 

Just a thought to ponder until some good recruiting news comes our way.  Quite frankly, there hasn’t been much lately.

  1. duganryan says:

    not only did Teagues dad play for Pitino, he aslo hired teagues Coach. If you can’t get him when you hire his coach…… that’s a major problem.

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  3. i agree. this thing has gotten pathetic. now he is looking at a juco? this is going to look like one of crum’s horrible teams at the end. just think, we can go into the new arena with a juco leading us. awesome.

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