“Not Going anywhere Voluntarily”

Posted: November 17, 2009 by duganryan in Louisville Football, Posted by Dugan Ryan
Coach Krap confirmed today that he is still playing hardball with TJ on his buy out. “I’m not going anywhere voluntarily; if it’s involuntarily I can’t answer that question.”  Coach told the credible media guys this afternoon when one of them finally acknowledges that we may have a giant pink elephant in the football complex.   I can’t say I’m surprised that Stevie is playing hardball over his buy out which has been reported to be worth 2.8 million.  That’s not chump change and it looks like it’s worth backing your old buddy in a corner over to Stevie.   I bet TJ probably wishes he would have taken longer than 20 minutes, which was all the time he said he needed when asked about his B plan if Bobby Petrino decided to take another job.  “I’ll be ready to go in 20 minutes” He said as he was chasing Bobby Petrino around with a check book.   I wonder why he would give him a raise every year if things were being done the wrong way??   Off the subject a little but still a good question I think.  Anyway, it’s going to be interesting to see this all play out. 

My favorite Coach Krap quote of the Week:

“Absolutely I want to be here, I came here with a plan to be here and I want to continue to be here. We’ve put solid recruiting classes together. Although we haven’t won as many games as we’ve wanted to we’ve been very, very close in a lot of games this year and I don’t think we’re that far away from being the kind of team we want to be.” 

Very, Very close in a lot of games??  Is he serious? 

Pitt 35

Cards 10

UC   41

Cards 10

UConn 38

Cards 25

Utah 30

Cards 14

I don’t blame Stevie for playing hard ball with TJ but I wish he wouldn’t feed us so much Krap.


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