Could Brohm be a Topper?

Posted: November 15, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan
I  must say I was  shocked when I first heard the news about WKU Football David Elson getting his walking papers last Monday.  However, if you are going to make a move, the timing was perfect to do it.  The toppers had lost 17 straight games. Elson lost a few that he probably should have won.  Season ticket sales and walk up sales are both way down from where the administration thinks it should be.   Homecoming was last Saturday in Bowling Green and the tailgate parties on the lawn across from LT Smith Stadium  were attended by thousands that didn’t make it to the game. Some will say Elson didn’t have enough time and I would tend to agree but in this case it looks like the administration made this move based on economics. Much like the move to Division 1.  When the toppers won the Division 1aa national title the football program was still not a money-maker. Now, all they have to do is make a trip to Gainsville and come back with a big fat check.   Big schools schedule a couple of guaranteed wins and are happy to pay a school like WKU for it. Moving to Division 1 is a big move,  They felt like they needed to make a move to get the fans excited about Western Football.  
The Bowling Green Daily news listed several Candidates for the Job.  One was Former University of Louisville Offensive Coordinator Jeff Brohm.   Brohm would be a great hire for WKU.  The Brohm Name would come in handy when recruiting in-state kids and he also has recruiting contacts in other hot beds like Florida.  He has studied under some of  the best  in the history of the game.  Howard Schenelberger, Bill Walsh, Mike Shanahan and Bobby Petrino. Brohm was a major part of the cardinals offensive success under Petrino and I’m sure he learned a thing or two about what not to do while working for coach Krap.  Brohm is currently quarterbacks coach at Florida Atlantic where the Owls are ranked  9th in passing offense and 11th in total offense. The Owls are averaging  302.75 passing yards per game and 451 yards of total offense per game.
Brohm was very loyal to the cardinals, he turned down two different offers to work for Nick Seban as his offensive coordinator at Alabama to remain where his heart was.  Unfortunately he was one of the seven coordinators/ scape goats coach Krap blamed for his own ineptitude.   WKU would be wise to take a long hard long at the former cardinal.

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