Tom Jurich Should Be Smarter Than This.

Posted: November 11, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff

What would be the only way to get some fan support at the remaining home games? Wouldn’t  it be to move this “coach” out and name an interim coach? For God’s sake, Memphis and WKU have made moves during this season.  Yet, TJ is going to let this horrible coach stay until (at least) the end of the season.

The home crowd on Halloween was a complete joke. What if Steve, aka Mr. Offense, gets beaten by Syracuse for the 3rd straight time? How is the crowd going to look for the Rutgers game?  You imagine recruits standing around looking at the thousands of empty seats?  What are they going to think? 

The Adminstration likes to blame the fans for not showing up.  As a matter of fact, they like blaming all of the negativity on us.  The bottom line is, THIS is not our fault. 

Tom Jurich owes the fans this one.  He owes it to us to make an announcement.  Whether he removes Kragger or not, it would do him a lot of good to announce that we are moving in a different direction next year.  Also, if he makes the announcement and tells us he is going to do an “extensive” search this time, I believe that goodwill would mean a lot to the fans and go a long way in repairing some of the damage that has been done.  (See:  “Orange Bowl every week”)

If Mr. Jurich waits until the end of the year to, at the very least, announce a change he stands a real chance of sitting in his skybox during the Rutgers game looking at the  multitude of pink empty seats. Hopefully the guys from Kroger, Dean’s Milk, Budweiser, Papa John’s, Sun Tan City, Brown & Williamson, UPS, Koetter Construction, The Eye Care Center, Pepsi, etc.,  will be there to comfort him if that is the case.

  1. duganryan says:

    Maybe ole tj should take a little longer than 20 minutes this time!!!!

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