Cooked Duck

Posted: November 11, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan

cooked duck Coach Krap continues to make obvious what lsb reported as fact weeks ago. At the beginning of the season he was very tight, then all of the sudden he is cracking Gruden jokes and now he is begging the fans to come out.  When was the last time you heard a coach beg the fans to come to a game? “They may be upset with the things that I’ve done or they may not like me — and that’s OK,” Kragthorpe said Monday on the Big East teleconference. “Everybody can have an opinion. They’re entitled to an opinion, but what I would like our fans to do is come support these players.” Sounds like a cooked lame duck to me.    It’s a sad day when a coach has to beg the fans to come out.  Especially when you  think about his first spring game when 30,000 plus showed up to watch.  Now after almost three years of Krap, less than 20,000 show up for a real game.  If I were begging, I would beg fans to actually stay for the entire game.   What no one really talks about is how pathetic the Arkansas St. crowd was at the end of the game.   No more than 3,000 were left as Krag squeaked out the W against Arkansas St.    I’ve heard all of the “It was perfect storm” theories.  It was Halloween and the weather wasn’t  good.  How many students have kids to take around the block to get some candy?  A small percentage of the fans have kids that they have to take tick or treating.   And the weather was perfect football weather.  Bottom line is, the fans sent a message and the message was heard loud and clear.


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