TJ Talking Smack

Posted: November 10, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan

CardsSpankingI don’t think I’ve ever seen the excitement so high around Kentucky Basketball.   Fans are full of hope, energy and passion.   Matt Jones has written a 4,000 word story about the history of Kentucky basketball.   Thousands of fans camped out for days just to watch a practice.  Big blue nation is ready  for some hoops.   They have every reason to be excited.    Arguably the best recruiting class since the fab five and probably three first round draft picks next year.   Cat fans are excited and they should be. 

In an article about the UK/U of L rivalry,  Tom Jurich had an interesting comment on the buzz around the Kentucky program.  “They had the same buzz two years ago,” Louisville athletics director Tom Jurich says. “Remember when they were recruiting eighth-graders?”   Wow!!   Tommy talking a little smack, giving  Cal some locker room bulletin board  material.  

It’s a very good article, Cal talks about how Kentucky Basketball is going to be held to a Gold Standard.  Not just for basketball but all of athletics.   “I’m talking about facilities; academics; how we play, recruit; everything inclusive,” Calipari says. “In football, who are they looking at? How about USC? It’s the gold standard for coaching and how you treat kids.”   USC might not be the best example for Cal to use with the investigation of the Whole Reggie Bush situation going on.   Coach Cal doesn’t think so.   “Stuff goes on. Stuff happens,” Calipari says. “It’s still the gold standard.”   Stuff happens, final fours get vacated…… Stuff goes on.

Link to USA Today article

Link to the Matt Jones Article on the History of  Kentucky Basketball


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