The Audacity of NOPE – A Response to Jack Coffee’s Propaganda

Posted: November 4, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff

I received my weekly fire starter, dog training aid (you get the point) today.  It is a paper that is sent to all people who are part of the Cardinal Athletic Fund.   Oh yes, every UofL fan’s favorite misguided uncle is at it again.  For the sake of brevity, he will be referred in this column as JC. 

It seems that JC read a blog I wrote the other day.  The blog he commented on was one in which I criticized Howie Lindsey for the unending propaganda he spews for UofL Athletics.  As a matter of fact, JC took exception to me calling Howie, “Baghdad Bob” and a “spinmeister.”  I admire JC for coming to his fellow spinster’s defense.

The comments that all Cardinal fans should take exception to are alarming.  JC mentioned that UofL fans are causing problems by questioning the “Great One” for hurriedly hiring the current football administrator.  (To call him a coach would be a stretch).

In this alarming rant, JC mentioned that UofL fans “used” to be a one of the most “behaved fan bases in the country.”  This is fairly reminiscent of how the typical kindergarten teacher would assess their class.  He went on to mention that a midseason coaching change would be difficult and disruptive to the program.  This is a good point since nothing that has been done to this program in the past three years has disrupted anything.  He also mentioned something about how tough this has been on a family that chose to follow their father here.  I know it was a tough decision to leave another town to come here for $1.5Million per year. 

The major issue I have with JC is, just like the other spinsters in the media in this town, they expect all fans to sit down, shut up and take what is given to us.  In other words, continue our donations, attend the games, buy the beer/food/programs/overpriced gear/parking passes – watch the endless promotional garbage that is shoved down our throats such as running milk pints/hamster balls/dance offs/tshirt tosses/lottery races.  Oh yes, watch all this and be happy with what you have.  Whether it is having a #1 overall seed flame out in the Elite 8 or a formerly proud BCS game winner disintegrate we should be happy to have the opportunity to watch it, bad or good.  I respectively disagree. 

One thing that JC and the other spinsters should notice is, this is a pretty gloomy economy out here.  Because of the emotional and, more importantly, financial investment that fans have in these programs there is going to be a backlash when “things don’t add up.”   I think the simple law of supply and demand on display on Saturday when there were 19,000 empty seats at PJCS.  Yes, we do have fantastic fans here.  No, they are not going to continue to pay a premium for the garbage they have been getting. 

In conclusion JC used a very fancy word in the column that sums up the entire article he wrote.  That word is “banality.”  Yes, “banality.”  The definition of the word is, among other terms, cliche.  How ironic is it that another spinmeister for my weekly fire starter would call our complaints as cliche.  This is groundbreaking.  I think I have a new favorite word to use when describing what Baghdad Bob and JC tell us what we should be thinking.  How ironic.

The article claimed that a lot of damage has been done to our program because of the incessant complaining and negative attacks.  These complaints about the football program have been a constant for three years.  One thing I will say is, the damage is not near as bad as what accepting mediocrity will and has caused.  There will always be a fan base here that will support the program with blood, sweat, tears and most importantly money.  The real fan base will persevere. 

The “banality” will always be the spinmeisters who take up for people who cause the situation to deteriorate.  The “reality” is, the fan base is the one who will always support competence from the adminstration that is running the programs.

  1. duganryan says:

    i love the t shirt toss

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