Funny Guy

Posted: November 3, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan

 We have a funny guy on our hands.  Stevie had the “credible” media guys doubled over in laughter yesterday with his one liners and eenie  meenie miney moe routine.   Comedy is tragedy I guess.   I personally think he is funnier when he isn’t trying to be funny.   I liked “We would have rather faced pike” the best.   Way funnier than eenie meenie miney moe.   Either way maybe he can land a gig at the improv or writing jokes on laffy taffy wrappers.   Bottom line is, he is very relaxed and seems content.   Who wouldn’ t be in the mood to crack jokes knowing they  have a 3 million dollar pay day coming very soon.     We here at LSB have been calling him a lame duck coach for weeks now, back when the credible guys were still blaming Petrino!!    A  nail bitter in front of 15,000 folks isn’t going to change anything and neither is the funny guy.

  1. i like how you say, “credible” media guys. that must be an oxymoron in louisville!

  2. bubbaky says:

    Comedy I have some humor.Bobby P. has a Big East title, a bowl of Oranges and a couple of KY High School Football State Championships that he keeps hidden in his kids room.
    Steve ( some people call me the space cowboy )Krapthorp has a destroyed NCAA football program and a shrinking fan base. They K’s have not only infected Cardinal Nation, a little known High School may not make it out of the first round of The KY High School playoffs. HAHA
    The only people laughing harder than THE SPACE COWBOY’S Banker is U of K and ST. X

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