Jurich Pulling Out Stops

Posted: October 28, 2009 by robjoneslyes in Posted by Rob Jones

Jurich Will Get Deal Done

Coach Kragthorpe is hardballing the same guy that has been so loyal to him and has forced Louisville AD Tom Jurich, in this website’s opinion, to release the hounds so to speak. Seconding what Nathan Arizona said yesterday on this site, the greatest AD this area has ever seen has given th OK to guy’s like Lachlan McLean, Tony Vantetti, Eric Crawford and Rick Bozich to say what they should have said a long time ago: This guy is in way over his head and a change must be made.

If you follow any of the aforementioned media-types you know that they are influenced by TJ and shy away from criticizing the program in fear that Jurich will wield his heavy hammer and make their lives a little tougher. We at LSB however, aren’t affected by this tactic and have been saying what is just now coming out in the so-called “mainstream media” for weeks, months…hell, even years. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Kragthorpe may single-handedly take a program with the biggest athletic surplus in the country and turn it upside-down.

Sources within the athletic department tell LSB that Kragthorpe’s contract is very “buy-out friendly” as was Bobby Petrino. Allegedly, it includes a lump sum payment of the 2-3 million dollar range and may also have an annuity involved that reaches as high as 1 million dollars. Denny Crum didn’t even get this sweet of a deal, but Jurich felt betrayed by what Petrino did in leaving for the Falcons and wanted to give the new guy (Krag) some incentive. For his loyalty, Jurich almost guaranteed he wouldn’t be fired throughout his first contract which reportedly has another year remaining.  Jurich assumed that things would be manageable for at least 4 years and if nothing transpired, a  move would then be made. The play of Kragthorpe’s Cards over the last 2 1/2 years has expedited that process and put Jurich in the biggest predicament of his tenure in Louisville.

Jurich has to make a move though and, according to multiple sources, has tried more than once. As Michael Lombardi reported in his famous Jon Gruden post, Jurich offered Kragthorpe a buy-out deal at some point during the offseason, which was declined – something that somehow went unreported by ANY media around town. As was reported by myself on this site, Jurich gave Krag another chance to accept before the Southern Miss game. As expected, Krag declined again. For such an alleged good Christian man, Krag sure is letting money get in the way of his honor and dignity. Isn’t he?

Jurich wants to make this go as smooth as possible on his end, but it might be difficult. Friends of LSB tell us that there are still 13,000 (yes, 13,000) season ticket packages still available for the new upper deck at PJCS. With many fans already holding tickets threatening to boycott and/or cancel their pre-existing season ticket packages should Kragthorpe stay, I don’t really see that number decreasing unless a decisive move is made. Also, the Cards are at the tail-end of a lucrative television contract with WHAS11 that might not be so lucrative should Kraggy still be at the helm at the time the new deal is being negotiated.

With all the negativity surrounding what only 3 years ago was a budding national power in college football, Cardinal fans deserve a breath of fresh air of some sort. Basketball season beginning tonight will help that. However, it has gotten so bad that the day it is finally made official and Krag is let go will be a day of celebration for Cardinal football supporters.  Don’t be surprised if it takes longer than necessary due to the fact Krag has not an ounce of dignity – proven when he was kicked out of Trinity’s locker-room for giving a trainer grief for the way his son’s minor injury was being treated. 

 You can almost even tell he knows he is screwing us. He seems broken at times, but you would never suspect him to be the coach of one of the worst BCS teams in the country. The cliches and petty joke-cracking at press conferences is not the type of approach a coach that has been a colossal failure should take when dealing with a media contingent that is looking for blood. Looks like the Klownthorpe routine cam a little too late.  

All this factors into the decision Jurich has already made: Kragthorpe is a lame-duck and will not return. This was all laid ot on this site a few weeks back and we will continue to bring you the latest as soon as we receive it. Like a great coach once said, the only variable is time. For now, enjoy the basketball team.


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