Krag’s Buyout Dilemma and Today’s Media Outcry

Posted: October 27, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff

As we all saw today, there were a large number of media people who actually stood up and confronted this football issue at UofL.  There were two radio hosts today who made very good and emotional observations about the “Coach” and his program.  Tony Vanetti must be congratulated for standing up for us Cardinal fans.  He really tore into the inadequate coaching strategies that we, as fans, have had shoved down our throats for three years.  Lachlan even weighed in with some hefty criticism.  Eric Crawford should also be commended for writing the truth.  And, Bozich also opened his eyes this morning and decided to almost be critical. 

Here is where the dilemma stands.  As has been reported, if Koachthorpe is fired, the University will owe him $2.8Million as his buyout for the remaining time on the contract.  A friend of LSB has told us that Kraggy is getting really hardheaded about negotiating this buyout.  In fact, he believes he deserves the full buyout if he is fired.  As you know, the University, AD and, most importantly, the fans want no part of this.  All of us see this past three years as a reckless waste of money.

Now enter my conspiracy theory.  The AD knows Kraggy won’t budge.  Krag has said he is here for the long haul.  What would be a better way to get him to resign as a last option?  That would be to make him as miserable as possible here in Louisville.  In my opinion, our media folks all got a communication that they could finally take the gloves off without the fear of retribution by the school  I think the word was sent down to get the media to talk about what is/has been going on.  What is/has been going on has been a circus.  From losing guys, to crazy tweets from players, to this guy’s press conferences to his play calling, this whole situation has become absurd. 

There is one major project hanging in the balance here.  That project is the work in progress upper deck at PJCS.  Jurich knows that will be a ghost town if this guy is here next year and may be half of a ghost town if this guy stays through the year.  I think they will pull the plug on the Tulsa Trash in the middle of the season but if they don’t, you can write it down that he will be removed long before my season tickets and Cardinal Athletic Donation bills show up in my mailbox. 

In other words, if Stevie Blunder doesn’t want to go now, look for the outpouring of negativity in the media and the outpouring of hate in the fanbase to cause Stevie to look at stepping down to join a staff as a positions coach somewhere soon – hopefully way far out west. 



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