Howie Lindsey – An Extremely Entertaining Version of Baghdad Bob

Posted: October 26, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff, Louisville Basketball, Louisville Football, Outside the Ville

I have sat quietly for several years while putting up with this spinmeister.  I have heard him make excuses for everything from Kragthorpe to Pitino’s choke jobs at the end of close basketball games.  I have listened to him say the word, “extremely” 30 times in a 5 minute interview.  (Ah yes, YOU will also start noticing that comfort word of his).  I have tried to read that garbage rag that they send to all of us season ticket holders.  (Louisville Sports Report – forget good or bad…it is ALWAYS ugly). 

After hearing him take exception with a local radio host today, I can no longer go without addressing what kind of crap this guy constantly spins to the fans.  And to think he is considered a credible source!

Today, a local radio host took exception to the “giddy” nature of Klownthorpe’s press conference.  The host said Stevie was joking, smiling and having a fun day.  You know this is disturbing.  Kind of like Jack Kervorkian showing up at one of his patient’s funerals and cracking one liners.  Howie took exception to what the host said.  To sum it up, he said coaches are not like media people or fans-they have to forget about what happened the weekend before and move on. 

Although this is generally the truth in most situations, consensus would actually have to consider Stevie a football coach for it to be that way.  Howie is dead wrong.  (I guess the same goes for Howie being considered a legitimate media person).   The bottom line that people like this get away with this sort of propaganda is nobody in the media is allowed to or will ask tough questions. 

It was great to hear people ask about Darius Ashley, how Burke/Froman are feeling, how Vic is, etc., but we need someone to have the stones to stand up and ask this guy some real questions.  You know, “why did you waste all of your timeouts in the third quarter at (insert game),” or “why did you give their field goal unit time to line up,” or “why don’t you ever throw the ball to (insert talented receiver)” or most importantly “why did you appoint yourself the Offensive Coordinator.” 

In summing this up the bottom line is, Howie is an extremely disappointing reporter as far as fans are concerned.  Maybe he should apply for the job of Press Secretary for the new Mayor of Louisville?  At least the PR spin is expected in that type of job.  God knows he has practically ruined the site with his patsy set of rules.  Just check out the numbers at versus next time you get the chance. 

Howie, wake up.  Grow a set and become an asset to the fans.  Don’t continue to be Baghad Bob.UofL


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