Sources say Matt Simms may be offered a scholly at UT?

Posted: October 25, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff

Are you kidding me?  The kid that sat on the sidelines while Rutgers beat the piss out of UofL may wind up with Lane Kiffin at UT? 

Are any of you guys reading reports, such as these, and getting more infuriated as each day goes by?  Anthony Allen looks pretty damn good as well.

I wish nothing but the best for Matt.  He was HIGHLY recruited out of high school.  He was one of the biggest recruits we had signed.  He gave us a chance because of his family’s connections to the area.    Of course, he seemed a little skiddish when Krapper would finally put him into games and that was to be expected from a freshman performing mop up duty. 

Everyday that goes by with the current “coach” brings us closer to disaster.  Each day also brings us closer to a breakdown when we consider who/what he ran off in order to do it “the right way.” 

Is there a program in this country who would ever consider bringing him in as a coach? 

Let’s hope the best for Matt.  I really hope to see him kicking UK’s ass in the near future, whether it is in a UofL jersey or an orange one.

  1. duganryan says:

    Who is Nathan Az??

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