Rivals (Cardinalsports.com) Versus Scout (Insidetheville.com)

Posted: October 20, 2009 by Cardchak in Freak Stuff

Ok, I am a premium member on both of these sites but something has been bugging me since the UofL football season started. (No it isn’t the random news about the Women’s Field Hockey Team that occasionally comes up on the Rivals.com site).

When I think back to the early days of my entrance into message board irrelevance, I CAN tell you one thing. That one thing is, Cardinalsports.com absolutely dominated the message board landscape amongst Cardinal fans. As a matter of fact, it must be noted that the user count would typically be 600 users on Rivals and 200 users on Scout.

Enter Howie Lindsey, the sentinel, the chief moderator of Cardinalsports.com. As of this moment, there are 494 users on ITV (Scout) and 149 users on Cardinalsports.com. Since Howie, the Rivals site has continually banned posters, and chastised what he considers negativity. As a matter of fact, one of his famous posts stated, “Negative posts will not be tolerated on this forum.” Forum….huh? That is why the fans have migrated over to a site that will allow their opinions, within reason.

Now we all know the pro-UofL garbage the Cardinal Sports Report spews on us. We know how much Russ Brown and Mr. Coffee dislike our questioning of this football hiring decision. We all know this. I also understand the position they are in. This is what happens when the almighty dollar becomes involved with reporters. This, in itself, causes these people not to cause any waves…Got it.

The most interesting point in this post is, I believe the posters/fans are taking notice. Insidetheville.com should be proud of how they have allowed us to voice our disdain for how things have been going. By the way, our disdain has been 100% correct from the beginning. As a matter of fact, Howie threw me off the Cardinalsports.com board after I posted a negative story (with no curse words of course) about our newly “appointed” headcoach-just after that fateful MTSU game in his first season. Since I have ABSOLUTELY NO financial interest in the Rivals.com site, Insidetheville.com site or this site (as a matter of fact), I feel comfortable in coming to my conclusion. That conclusion is: the athletic department at UofL will not tolerate detractors in the fanbase and/or media.

In an indirect manner, Cardinalsports.com must have pressure on it not to let this type of negativity thrive. To this point, we should be happy that there is another site on which to voice our concerns. As a matter of fact, the founders of this site would love for the traffic flow of fans to be diverted to this site. It is somewhat liberating to be able to blog on a site and not worry about who may read it or who may get pissed off about it.

I can sum it up rather quickly, if you want to hear how nice of a person Krag is, go to his radio show (you’ll get a great table nowadays.) If you want more, go to the Rivals (Cardinalsports.com) or the louisvillesportsbuzz site.

If you want fact, visit Scout (Insidetheville.com) or louisvillesportsbuzz.com. I find it interesting that I have yet to hear anyone on the radio shows from ITV.com or louisvillesportsbuzz.com. I do, however, hear Howie on all the channels….using his favorite comfort word, “extremely.”

The bottom line is, we need to keep the pressure on this disastrous hire. The other line is, there are options for fans out there. Yes, the Cardinalsports.com site is pretty-you know what they say about guys who are empty suits. Don’t settle for the “company line.” There are options for us out here. Those options are the ones who will let you voice your concerns, whether they be controversial or not. We/I do not need someone telling me how I should feel about this disaster that has ensued.


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