Is Kragthorpe smarter than we think?

Posted: October 15, 2009 by duganryan in Louisville Football

You might think the resounding answer is “NO.”  But think again.

Considering how bad most of the decisions this guy has made are, how bad the team has performed, how bad this “coach’s” overall record versus BCS talent is, you have to give him credit for one interesting, yet, genius decision.  That decision was to make himself the offensive coordinator of the CARDS.

At the beginning of the season he had to calculate how bad things were going to get.  He had to guess that this team would win no more than 4-5 games.  He also had to know just how restless the fanbase would get after the tough three game stretch of games would be (beginning with UK and ending with PITT).   He had to ask himself the question, “With all things considered, how can I assure that I will be the head coach through the entire season?”  Given the prognostication that this year would be a tremendous failure, he knew that the heat would be on.  He also knew that, if his title was “only” head coach, he would be expendable at any given time during the season.

Now consider one important fact.  The bye week.  That bye week occurred during week 2.  That was the week before the UK game.  Since there were no more off weeks during the season, doesn’t that fact make it even more difficult to remove him (the OC) during the season?  Doesn’t the fact that, if a change was made, there wouldn’t be enough time to figure a staffer who could run the offense in the least disruptive way as possible?  I’ll give you the fact that his play calling and offense isn’t that good anyway but, imagine having an interim coach call plays with a 4-5 day notice.  That would be interesting.

This goes back to the original statement.  Maybe Kragger made a hell of a decision running off Brohm and appointing himself as the “play caller.”  That may have been the ONLY insurance he had to stay employed for the entire year.

Maybe Stevie Boy is a little smarter than we think!  Afterall, he is still the “coach” and will continue to swerve the program down this long and bumpy road he has taken since getting here.


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