The Rodney Dangerfield Treatment

Posted: October 14, 2009 by Bacon in Posted by Rob Jones

The internet is taking over and it is scaring the bejeezus out of the newspaper guys. That was evident in the article in Tuesday’s edition of The Courier-Journal that basically mocked and deemed irresponsible everyone with “a website and opinion.” I am not sure whether the particular article was aimed directly at our report last Wednesday, but it sure seemed that way. Just like the response from the university, the overreaction shows signs of weakness.

Louisville fans are very concerned about their football team and have decided to be proactive on finding a new coach due to the fact that the one chosen previously has turned out to be a colossal failure. Of course, as true fans do, they throw names out there and aim high when doing it. Consequently, Jon Gruden’s name is getting thrown around -he’s the best candidate out there and has vague ties to the city and program. I remember another former pro coach who was on TV while out of work who Card fans wanted but the talking heads shot down as ridiculous. His name was Rick Pitino and he is entering his 8th year as headman for the Cards basketball team. Seemed far-fetched at the time, but has turned out to be somewhat spectacular. These guys who have their salaries paid by loyal listeners and readers, should maybe listen to them and not laugh in their face.

We “internet guys” on the other hand have to basically pay our own way to do what most do with the luxory of an expense report. Bacon and myself have gone to every game within a 300 mile radius in the last year – both football and basketball – some as credentialed media but most with a notebook and pen amongst the fans. It is the sacrifice you have to make to establish a start-up site when not working for the major news outlets. Does that make us less “credible” than the mainstream media folks? I don’t believe so. And we certainly wouldn’t resort to simply blowing smoke to ruin the credibility we enjoy with our loyal readers we have worked extemely hard to get.

The blame has been placed on everyone but the correct person for what has gone on the last 2 + years of Cardinal football. The players have been blamed for not executing. The fans have been blamed – by the AD nonetheless – for have “too high of expectations”. We at this site have been lampooned for shoddy journalism and addind feul to the fire under an “already embattled coach”. Hell, even Bobby Petrino has been blamed for his wondering eyes and lack of recruiting in 06, a class which brought in Anthony Allen who is starring for Georgia Tech currently. the same guys who downgrade football recruiting now claim to be experts on the subject.  We all know were the blame falls and it looks as though Tom Jurich has finally came to the same conclusion.

Members and fans of the mainstream media shouldn’t blame the message boards for being proactive about who the new coach will be; the “blame,” if any is to be had, should fall on the followers that don’t for not looking into the matter with the passion of a fan and the guile of an AD. We understand people say they have “reliable sources” and are full of bologna. However, we are not. So we are going to continue to get to the bottom of who the next coach will be regardless of the jabs we will take from local mainstream media sports personalities.

It is our job to report what we deem newsworthy. Like the folks at this paper, the local radio shows, and the the nightly news, we too have sources. It is for the readers and listeners – the fans – to decide the veracity of our reports.

As always, the truth will come out. And when it does, it will be known that we are more than just “a website and an opinion.”


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