Lombardi Says Kragthorpe Declined Buyout

Posted: October 14, 2009 by Bacon in Louisville Football
Could This Happen? YES

Could This Happen? YES

I have one question: Why look for a coach when the one you have is NOT a lame-duck? That sure seems to be what the greatest AD in the country, Tom Jurich, is currently doing according to one “reliable source”. That being one Michael Lombardi, NFL.com insider and a man with great integrity and the magic word of the week – credibility.

Lombardi is reporting that Louisville offered Steve Kragthorpe a buyout as early as last year and it was declined. He goes on to say that Louisville has “pegged” Jon Gruden – you know, the guy everyone except Tom Jurich thinks won’t come to Louisville – as their #1 candidate should Steve Kragthorpe be replaced. This report is another piece of evidence supporting our report last Wednesday that Kragthorpe has been told he will not be retained. 
The odds of Gruden coming to Louisville may not be as great as most would think, but I would never put anything past Jurich after he showed he could grab Rick Pitino and hit onvery single hire with the exception of one. With the stadium expansion making great progress, TJ needs to put the proverbial “butts in seats” and he will not make the mistake of alienating half of the fanbase by moving forward with a coach that is obviously in way over his head. 60,000 seat stadiums mean big-time football Jurich wants every single seat to be filled with cheering U of L fans. In my mind, he knows that is unlikely to happen with Kragthorpe at the helm.
I cannot confirm any of these candidates, but Louisville fans should take a good look at former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, former Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski, Florida defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, and Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn as guys who mr. jurich might be looking at should Chucky Gruden decide his coaching style is best suited in the pros.
As you should always, keep checking LSB for updates on any developments in this situation. Check out Trevor Kelsey and myself live at Furlong’s at the corner of Shelbyville Rd. & Hurstbourne Ln. at 8:30pm Thursday for The Evening Buzz. If you can’t make it check it out streaming at www.louisvillesportsbuzz.com and on BlogTalkRadio at www.blogtalkradio.com/lsb-radio

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