Card Win

Posted: October 12, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Rob Jones

The Louisville football team played with a passion and urgency that
hasn’t been seen this season. It was evident in both the play-calling
and effort that this team might have a new found hope after a 25-23
victory over former rival Southern Miss.

The reports on this site that Kragthorpe is a lame-duck coach are
still correct. However, if the Cards continue to win then the athletic
department will have no choice but to keep the embattled coach. The
odds of that happening are very slim based on previous performance,
but still a possibility. By no means was the Southern Miss game a
saving grace for Kragthorpe and his status. He and his team will have
to repeat that performance another 5-6 times by my estimation to send
the athletic department into “second-guess” mode. It is obviously
something any Cardinal fan would love and hope to see.

Tom Jurich is the best athletic director in the country for many
reasons, one being he stays a step ahead of the competition. There
have been various reports outside of this site mentioning different
candidates for the job should Kragthorpe leave – one being an
extremely reputable blog saying that Jurich and
former Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski have felt each other out
already. Why would an AD look for a replacement for an occupied job?
Would a boss not inform an employee that he is in extremely hot water
and better perform well or its over? These are all questions with
obvious answers that lead to one point – Louisville will have a new
coach next year.

Coach Kragthorpe seemed to do what most fans have wanted him to all
year against Southern Miss. Vic Anderson touched the ball
significantly more than he has in previous weeks, resulting in a
100-yd game.  The majority of the plays Bilal Powell ran the ball it
was up the gut – one resulting in one of the most devastating runs I
have ever seen a Card make, when he ran over a 300 LB lineman on his
way to a 13-yard TD run. The 2-point play might have been the wrong
call, but it still showed some onions that haven’t been seen so far.
All in all, it looked like coach new it was time to step it up from a
play-calling stand point, and he did.

It sure did look the coach was playing for
his job.. There obviously will not be a
press conference today to announce anything because of the victory.
Like I said before, Coach Kragthorpe needs to continue to win to
prevent his ouster. As a fan of the program, I hope he’s successful.
Yet next to Arkansas St, Southern Miss was the least talented team
left on the schedule, so a last second win is a win, but not an
impressive one by any means. It will be interesting to see how the
team builds on that win going up to UCONN this week.

Stayed tuned to LSB for any updates. Comment below any thoughts you
have regarding the situation


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