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Posted: October 9, 2009 by Bacon in Louisville Football, Posted by Larry Loobers

Ed Note: Apologize for the poor grammar in the first edition of this post. Never claimed to be an English major…

Despite all of the University of Louisville’s attempts to discredit our report, we here at the Louisville Sports Buzz still stand strong in our facts that coach Steve Kragthorpe will not return next season as head coach of the Louisville Cardinals and that he (Steve Kragthorpe) has been notified of this.

Will Steve Kragthorpe step down after the Southern Mississippi game?

My opinion and gut feeling on that question is no. Yes, he has been given the choice to do so, but Kragthorpe is not that type of person. He will, I think finish out this season.

I am not surprised at the school’s swift response to discredit our story and go to such lengths to prove us wrong. This is a team that is facing a very bad season and coming off a game where the other team accuses your players of quitting. I do not believe ANY player ever once quit, for the record.  This is not good timing to let the world know that indeed your program is being led the rest of the year by a “lame-duck” coach.

I understand Louisville fans have been calling for his head before he was even 4 games into his tenure at Louisville. I see nothing wrong with giving coach Kragthorpe a stay of execution for at least 3 years, but he has proven over that span that he certainly has bitten off more than he could chew.

Kragthorpe has been skating on thin ice for the last 6 months. It started with his flaking out of a Kentucky Football Coaches Clinic where he could have developed relationships with the top high school coaches. A clinic in which he did not even show up but did not even notify anyone that he wasn’t coming. You’re telling me he didn’t even have the courtesy of sending a graduate assistant or even trainer? Instead, he left a collection of high school coaches waiting around like fools. This is not the impression you want to give to the men whom you might need assistance in the future for recruits who could turn around your program. Then again, if you know you’re about to be let go why should you care what those coaches think of you.

Coach Kragthorpe was even asked to leave a locker room recently at a local high school game. He was getting upset and angry towards the way the team’s trainer went about attending a turf toe injury. The school is one of the most powerful and dominant in the state and definitely not a bridge that need to be burned.

Fact: Steve Kragthorpe is 6-22 lifetime versus BCS schools (6-15 at Louisville) and has lost 8 straight games against FBS schools, including a 0-3 record versus rival Kentucky.

Fact: Not to be a smart a** but there is and always is a press conference on Monday with coach Kragthorpe.

Fact: Steve Kragthorpe’s record as head coach at Louisville is 12-16 ( 4-11 in conference ) over 2 1/4 seasons. Ron Cooper was 13-20 in 3 full seasons

Fact : Steve Kragthorpe will not be the head coach of Louisville next season and he knows it.

  1. Tony K says:

    I’m reading reports that Chris Peterson of Boise State is looking to switch to a school that allows him to win National Championships!! He can have a great job here at Louisville—– NOW that Coach K is leaving !! !!!!!GO CARDS!!!!

  2. David Vasher says:

    Who wrote this a third grader? Aside from the syntax issues, run-on sentences, and basic sentence structure, you don’t even use the correct words or take a stance on what you are reporting.

    For example, “The Universities” mean “The University’s response”?

    Your is not short for “you are”…you’re is the shortened version. And my favorite sentence is

    “Not the impression you want to give to the men who you might be want their players to come play for you.”
    “might be want their players”
    Seriously, take an English course. And once you get through this crap, what does your “report” say? Are you saying the coach will be fired today, tomorrow, Sunday or Monday, or are you taking the option of all 3, or none of the above. Could you please in one paragraph, tell us what your sources told you. Saying he’s not going to be back as coach is like saying Health Care is going to be a big issue next year.

  3. Tim D. says:

    when am I going to receive my prize for winning the march madness contest??

    go cards

  4. Joel says:

    I agree with your thinking. Kragthorpe will be sacked before next season for many reasons. Firstly, he isn’t winning. Under his reign, UofL has gotten worse game by game. Secondly, the fans want him out. Fans have more power than the university will let on; they simply cast their vote by not going to the game. Lastly, the new stadium expansion is due to open next season and Kragthorpe will not be able to draw enough fans to fill the bottom level. Money will play a big part in his firing but let us not forget that his teams have not been good.

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