Let’s Get a Few Things Straight…

Posted: October 8, 2009 by robjoneslyes in Posted by Rob Jones

I just want to make myself clear on a few things that are being said regarding my post about the ouster of Louisville head coach Steve Kragthorpe last night on this site.  Earlier I spoke with a high-ranking U of L official who asked that I write a retraction to this post because it was completely false and I was “dead-wrong”. I, of course, refused because I stand by what I wrote last night 100%. This site, louisvillesportsbuzz.com, and our crew, are not out to harbor rumors and innuendos without having reliable sources to back it up.

I have sources just like the guys at the papers and in the “mainstream” media. I stick by those sources regardless of what someone whose job is to protect his/her university has to say about it. People can smear my name and call me irresponsible and say I lack credibility (whatever that’s defined as), but it’s really no skin off  my back. I will state again – Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe is gone. A decision has already been made in a meeting Monday. He has the option of resigning effective immediately or riding out the season as a “lame-duck”. I said one of the scenarios would be this week by Monday, but not one time did I ever say that was set in stone.

I am a Cardinal fan first and foremost, so I don’t really like how bad this might make them look. However, the bottom line is a change will be made and Cardinal football fans can breathe a little easier knowing that there are greener pastures ahead….

I will be talking about this on myself and Trevor Kelsey’s nightly show, The Evening Buzz. Feel free to call us and ask any question you want. It begins at 830 and will last 2 hours on the link provided below. The truth will come out, I put my word on it. 


  1. the mayor says:

    Good for you. You guys are the only ones in town with a backbone.

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