Report: Kragthorpe Told He’s Done

Posted: October 7, 2009 by robjoneslyes in Louisville Football, Posted by Rob Jones

Sources very close to the situation have told Louisville Sports Buzz that a meeting took place between the respective camps of both athletic director Tom Jurich and head football coach Steve Kragthorpe on Monday and the news wasn’t too great for the Cards’ much-maligned head-man. Sources say that Jurich informed his friend that his services will not longer be rendered at the university and gave Kragthorpe the option to resign before or following Saturday’s match-up with Southern Miss – or ride out the season a basically a lame-duck.

A press conference could happen as soon as tomorrow, but the basketball luncheon with Rick Pitino is slated so I would be completely shocked if that were to occur. However, Cards fans shouldn’t be surprised if there is an announcement shortly following the game on Saturday.  The sources continued to say that regardless of whether Kragthorpe decides to stay the season or resign immediately, some sort of announcement will be made. The latest it would occur is the recurring Monday presser, where Kragthorpe meets with the media.  The sources involved are extremely reliable, however I doubt this exact situation will come up. This is just a hunch, but I believe Jurich will handle this in a professional manner such as when Denny Crum was forced to resign shortly after the award-winning AD was hired.

Rumors are rampant about a replacement with John Gruden of Tampa Bay Bucs and Monday Night Football fame being atop most Louisville fans’ wish list. Stay tuned to Louisville Sports Buzz for any new information we recieve about this situation.

  1. Ron Card says:

    Gruden is going to the NFL next year and plus he wants $5,000,000. He is NOT a college coach. My wish list for coaches include:

    1) Mark Farley, head coach at Northern Iowa
    2) Charlie Strong, DC at Florida
    3) Rick Stockstil, head coach at Mid Tenn State
    4) Tom O’Brien, head coach at NC State
    5) Mickey Andrews, associate head coach at FSU

  2. drc003 says:

    Let me quote Marv Albert…”YES!”.

  3. LOUISVILLE FAN!!! says:


  4. crinky says:

    I loves me some internet rumors…

    “The sources involved are extremely reliable, however I doubt this exact situation will come up.”

    How reliable could they be if even you doubt this will come up?

  5. Jeff in Tidewater says:

    I hope Louisville gets a really good coach back in place and returns to it’s form in the first couple years as members of the Big East. A revived Syracuse and Louisville would do wonders for the conference.

    I feel for the players…it has to suck to play for a coach when you know he’s basically already been fired. His heart won’t be in it anymore, if it ever was. I fear UL will not see another win this season.

    Hey, there’s always next year, and I’ll be rootin’ for ya’ll.

  6. Joe says:

    doubt it. They arent going to fire a coach in the middle of the season, Jurich doesnt have the balls. He only has the balls to threaten to shut down a radio station if they dont get rid of the UK programing on there.

  7. Phil Nee says:

    About damn time!

  8. cardfanjim says:

    Finally. The Kooperthorpe era comes to an end.

  9. Kenny Klein says:

    Fact: There is no press conference scheduled Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday to address the subject matter referenced in this irresponsible blog. When Monday comes and goes without the announcement specified, the readers and listeners of this site will witness the lack of credibility with this blog.

    Fact: Not only did the mentioned meeting absolutely not occur, Mr. Jurich and Coach Kragthorpe did not even speak on Monday — not in person, nor via phone. Again, a measure of the misinformation reported.

    It’s unfortunate that this site and audio program has chosen to spread completely erroneous material. After hearing of this bogus matter, I personally spoke with the author to explain that his information is incorrect. He chose to rely on his “sources,” who have certainly led him astray on this. I am posting this comment because my source is straight from the parties involved and any readers should know that the blog above is simply not true. Thank you.

    Kenny Klein
    Senior Associate Athletic Director
    University of Louisville

  10. George Hager says:

    Well there is still some hope that we may play football here again. He might be a great guy, but he is not getting the job done here. It is different than Tulsa.

  11. CardfaninGA says:

    What about Malzouhn at Auburn? Any mention? I had a friend in Alabama say he heard Malzhoun had been approached.

  12. Bill Donnelly says:

    Kenny Kline just told the WKRD Underdogs that Jurich and Kragthorpe have not met neither have representatives of Jurich or Kragthorpe met. There is no press conference scheduled for any day this week. He describes this report as not true.

  13. Jeremy Leonardo says:

    I think Louisville should hire Jon Gruden!!!! He will be ther perfect fit for the program!

  14. John Gruden says:

    Gruden doesn’t know squat about coaching college kids and recruiting. Don’t do it.

  15. aj says:


  16. Jon Gruden says:

    GO CATS!

  17. fielddog says:

    Gus MAlzahn…. Watch how well Gene Chizik (of former Iowa State notoriety) does with him at the OC helm. The only reason Tulsa was so good the past two years is because of Malzahn. Bring him…and give him the money he needs!

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