The Talk is Over

Posted: September 29, 2009 by duganryan in Posted by Dugan Ryan
I’ve talked about it for two years, the talk is over, I’ve finally started a blog!!  Don’t expect too much. Just some random thoughts now and then.   
I’m very excited about all that we have going on here at LSB!!!   The Sam Swope Weekend sports buzz is out of the gate and running.   Dave Ragone is doing most of the Saturday shows solo and is doing a great Job.  Bob Valvano has stepped up big time as a fill in a couple of times when Dave couldn’t make it.  Dave and Matt Jones are doing the Sunday show together.   They already have a great chemistry and it’s getting better every week.    You’re sure to catch a good debate and get a good laugh every week.  Don’t forget to check us out Saturday and Sunday Mornings at11am on 970 am  We do the show live from Furlongs on Shelbyville road every Sunday. If you don’t want to come see us you should come for the buffet and the Patio.  The stuffed cat fish is amazing and the patio is the king of patios!!!!
Rob Jones and Trevor “bacon” Kelsey are knocking out of the park on the Evening Buzz!!!  Trevor is the king of the pick em contest and Rob Jones is walking stat sheet!  They talk sports, movies and pop culture and most importantly have a good time and take your calls.   They will have a VERY special announcement on the Wednesday show.  One that will make old 93.9 fans happy!! Hint!!!  We are adding a show to the LSB Line up!!!  Check em out tomorrow for the big news..You can catch Evening Buzz Monday- Thursday at 8 PM!!!!
Special thanks to all of our sponsors!!  Please remember to do business with our sponsors and tell em Louisville sports Buzz sent ya!!!!   Also, a very special thanks to Verizon wireless.   Don’t know what I would do with out ESPN MVP and my air card!!!!  They both make my job so much easier!!!!
  1. Mark says:

    I feel a freak fest ahead.

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