Texas 3 Step

Posted: May 26, 2009 by joshsnider in Posted by Josh Snider, PGA Pro Oxmoor CC

How about the weekend that Rory Sabbatini put together in Fort Worth? Shooting a final round 64 at the Bryon Nelson to win for the first time in two years shows the tremendous upside to a player who has been famous for his temper & not his game. Without a doubt the South African has alot of game and by showing his emotions after holing his final putt, & before by wearing a pink shirt w/ ribbon in honor of Amy Mickelson, it maybe the break through with golf fans. I have always thought that Rory had an opportunity to compete in the majors as the five tournaments that he has won have been at great golf courses. He is a very accurate & grity player who works very hard out on the golf course to get the most of his game that day. Yet, the most impressive thing to me is his pace of play as Rory makes a decisive decision & hits his ball quickly! He has been very vocal about the tour standards and for that I applaude as it takes too long for players of their caliber to finish a round of golf.

This week, one of my favorite tournaments on the PGA Tour, the Crown Plaza Invitational at Colonial Country Club. This event is played on a classical course and is known for being “Hogan’s Alley” as the great Ben Hogan won the tournament 5 times in his prime. The field this week is obviously better as alot of european players are back in the USA playing a great stretch of golf courses leading up to the US open in 3 weeks.


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