MMA News and Notes 4/13/09

Posted: April 10, 2009 by cftv in Outside the Ville, Posted by Chris Kull
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Here is a link to all of the news and opinions on MMA fromWrestling Observer Newsletter for this week:

Please leave me feedback if you want me to include all of the Pro Wrestling News to my blog if you check it out.  Besides covering MMA Dave Meltzer also has been covering Pro Wrestling since the early 80’s with his Wrestling Observer Newsletter and even before that throughout the 70’s he would contribute to different newsletters and fanzines.  No one in the world knows more about Pro Wrestling from throughout the globe more than Dave does and that includes Vince McMahon who only eats, sleeps 4 hourss a nights, and shits pro wrestling.   If you like the UFC/MMA coverag and would like to see me also post the pro wrestling stuff let me know and I will gladly add that to the blog.

Also the Dead kick off their tour this Sunday in Greensboro with the shows taking them up to the Northeast where they will spend the majority of their time playing shows before heading to Chicago, Denver, LA, Shoreline, before closing up shop at the Gorge in Washington.   From what I understand this is one of the last times that the Core 4 of Bobby, Phil, Mickey, and Billy are going to go out together as a national touring act especially given that Phil is pushing 70.   That said he probably looks the best of the other 3 guys even with a new “liver of a jerk” after he had a transplant in the late 90’s.

The Core Four are being joined by Jeff Chimenti who is Bobby’s keyboardist in Ratdog and Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers and Goverment Mule.

The band practiced for about a month and have said to have worked up about 150 songs that they are going to do over the next month of shows.    I am ticketed for the 2 nights in Jersey w/rumored special guest Branford Marsalis and 2 nights in Philly which along with Chicago and MSG are some of the tougher tix to get this run.   My bro is taking a bus to Atlanta from here in Floida where I live and is going to ride up with one of my buddies to Greensboro and is looking to try and hook up a ride for the whole tour.    Because this could be the last time.

When I find good video clips from this tour I will probably post them on Johnny’s facebook page so keep checking there as well as check back next week for the next MMA News and Notes Blog and I will try and include some setlists and video from the shows as well.

Isn’t life great?   We have the Dead and Phish gearing up for the road.  The Masters is going on this weekend, the MLB season just started up, we are within a week or two of the start of the NBA and especially the NHL Playoffs which is as fun a sporting event there is on our sports calandar, the NFL Draft is right around the corner, and finally we for me and the rest of the World we have the business end of the European Soccer Leagues with all of the leagues getting to the last 7 or  8 games left in the season as well as a game away from the Semi Finals of the Champions League.    Not to be forgotten there is also a UFC event with Anderson Silva fighting as well as a big Chuck Liddel. vs. Shogun Rua fight that 3 years ago was a dream match of dream  matches even though the 2 of them haven’t looked that great their last couple of times in the cage.   Finally, here is alos that Big Derby that takes place in your neck of the woods.  I am not the biggest horse racing guy but I will take in the 15 or so minutes before, during, and after the Triple Crown races.  That aid the Kentucky Derby is one of those events on my Sports To Do List.

So take it and enjoy it all while you can.  There is such an awesome sports smorgasboard that I hope everyone will take a little bit of everything that is out there  and savor it.

Have a GRATE Weekend and take in a bit of everything that our great Sports Landscape from around the world has to offer!


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