Daily Golf Tip for the first day of the Masters!

Posted: April 9, 2009 by Steve Steurer in Posted by Steve Steurer

Since the Master begins today I thought that you might like a little tip to help with your game.

Drill for Thin Shots

I learned this tip long ago and it helpd get the ball up quick and applys some spin on the ball for those approch shots.

On the practice tee step on a ball until it’s half-buried. Stick two tees in the ground — the first one an inch in front of the ball, the next one an inch in front of that — and angle them toward the target. With a 7-iron, try to miss the ball and knock both tees to the ground. The clubhead should narrowly miss the top of the ball and reach its low point at the first tee. This drill forces you to shift weight onto your front foot as the club swings down, which moves the bottom of the swing arc forward. You’ll soon start taking divots in front of the ball where they belong, and hitting crisp iron shots.


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