The EZ Life: Post-NCAA title game thoughts and links

Posted: April 7, 2009 by bigez in Freak Stuff

Well, consider me a sucker for the fairy tale.

The beginning of the game was just as I expected it. Roy Williams’ highly-favored Tarheels would sprint out to a early double-digit lead, and enjoy it for awhile.

And then Tom Izzo would coach his troops how to methodically cut into that lead, forcing a nailbiter at the wire.

Never happened.

As a plain ol’ fan of college basketball, it was frustrating. You want to see a game worthy of all the lore it was receiving.

Instead of a game, we found a TEAM worthy of such notoriety.

I thought Ty Lawson, after many questioned his toughness while shelved during a toe injury, showed the country why he was destined to quarterback this “franchise.”

Might as well call it that. There’s at least one Tarheel that… (read the rest at


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