The EZ Life: Calipari and UK

Posted: March 30, 2009 by bigez in Kentucky Basketball, Posted by Big EZ, The EZ Life

Well, as this is written, it’s all but a done deal–Calipari will coach the Kentucky Wildcats.

That’s got to fire UK fans up. It’s a home run hire at a time when you needed a home run hire. Mitch Barnhart has one more chance to write his basketball legacy as athletic director at Kentucky and he knows it. He went for the big time hire and (apparently) is going to get it.

Calipari is a great coach and a great recruiter. That’s very simple to figure out.

But what’s got to make Cal drool is the $4 million base salary (plus incentives) that he’ll make the fact that you are at a storied program like UK at a time when A) expectations have been slightly lowered thanks to Billy Gillispie, and B) the SEC is still WIDE OPEN.

And as easy as Calipari makes it look in the recruiting circles, I’m guessing that becomes a little easier as well when you’re recruiting for the University of Kentucky.

What’s the most interesting part of this hire, to me, is that it seems we live in Bizarro World (for you Seinfeld fans) with Calipari coming to UK. As I recall…

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