The King’s Course

Posted: March 29, 2009 by joshsnider in Posted by Josh Snider, PGA Pro Oxmoor CC

Arnold Palmer. Every player on any golf tour across the world knows this man and owes him. He is the reason why we are watching golf and TV because in his prime, he was Tiger Woods. My favorite memory of the King is actually the first time I saw the “Big Three” challenge in which Palmer, Nicklaus & Player. This series ran on TV in the early to mid sixties at golf courses around the country and eventually lead to the Shell Wonderful World of Golf. So, Palmer drives the ball into the trees while the others hit it in the fairway. The next shot is Palmer analyzing his situation with a cigarette in mouth, nearly drawing the whole thing, flicks it down, hitches his pants up and smacks the ball underneath a limb through multiple trees and chases one up the green to about five feet. An incredible shot and a reason why the media was in love with him. He played working mans’ golf and America loved him.

Now to his tournament, The Bay Hill Invitational. The field is always incredible and many are using this as their last warm up for Augusta National hoping to peak their game at the right time. Well, tournament officials and golf course superintendent must not have gotten that feel good memo as only five players are under par through 54 holes. Sean O’Hair is leading at 7 under par, five ahead of his final round playing partner Tiger Woods. Sean has been playing some solid golf in very difficult conditions and has also played well when paired with Tiger. Will he be able to handle the great one tomorrow as I believe that Tiger would like to get a W before he heads down Magnolia Lane. Even if he doesn’t his retunr to the tour has been a success and I like his chance in two weeks.


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