The EZ Life: The Gillispie drama continues to unfold

Posted: March 27, 2009 by bigez in Kentucky Basketball, Louisville Basketball, Posted by Big EZ, The EZ Life

Well, what a night.

My bracket took a hit with Duke and Memphis losing, Missouri looked like they were from another planet, and the Billy Gillispie drama continues to unfold.

What’s a shame is that Louisville is the overall number one seed in the NCAA Tournament, and that story has taken a back seat.

Part of the reason for that is that Louisville is playing a 12-seed, but the more important reason is one that U of L fans sometimes have a tough time hearing, reading, or saying.

UK basketball is the most important sports program to the people of Kentucky.

Now, don’t get me wrong Cards fans, your passion is way up there. It’s right there with the passion of Cat fan if you ask me.

But, having experienced this first hand as a sports radio talk show host in Louisville, if I learned one thing, it’s this:

(well, it’s not actually THIS… you have to read the rest at


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