Pitino wants coaches to police programs

Posted: March 27, 2009 by Steve Steurer in Louisville Basketball, Posted by Steve Steurer

Associated Press

INDIANAPOLIS — Louisville coach Rick Pitino thinks college basketball coaches must do a better job policing their own programs instead of relying on the NCAA to sort everything out.

On Thursday, at the Midwest Regional in Indianapolis, Pitino called on his coaching colleagues to make a stronger effort to keep the sport clean.

“The NCAA is sort of like the IRS or the border patrol. They’re undermanned, but they do a good job of stopping the problems,” he said. “They come in when there’s a problem, and they do a great job of investigating the problem. But there’s too many outside influences that infiltrate our game that we, as coaches, have to stop.”

Pitino’s comments come one day after a report implicated Connecticut for recruiting violations.


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