Formal Card and NCAA MVP -O’Bannon Speaks

Posted: March 27, 2009 by Steve Steurer in Louisville Basketball, Posted by Steve Steurer

Louisville, KentuckyMarch 27,2009Larry O’Bannon speaks to the Courier Journal about Pitino and the Cards. “He would always tell me it was about winning, People want winners, nothing else. In order to win, I couldn’t be selfish and just worry about how I was doing. I had to focus on how the team was doing. “He also put me on the pine. That got my attention very quick.”

Make sure to visit to read the full article.  O’Bannon played college basketball for the University of Louisville’s Louisville Cardinals in 2005 leading them to the 2005 Final Four. In that tournament O’Bannon was named the Regional MVP.  Currently O’Bannon is playing ball in Israel for the Rishon LZ and concentrating on the future of our youth by starting the Larry O’Bannon Foundation.

For more information on Larry O”Bannon and the foundation visit


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