What to Watch for While Dancing

Posted: March 18, 2009 by robjoneslyes in Posted by Rob Jones

I’m not big on trying to combine a whole lot of thoughts into one story while getting it to make sense (might be a problem). So, I decided just to list ten things to watch for from the Cards in the next few weeks. Whether good or bad, all will be factors in the squad’s quest for national title #3. Without further adieu….

1- Human Dart Boards – The Cards have the proverbial target on their back being the #1 overall seed and ranked #1 before the final poll for the first time in the school’s illustrious history. The Cards have never been great front-runners, however no one knows how well they’ll fare as the top dog. History says the Cards play better under-the-radar and as an underdog. This time they are the hunted and will get the opposition’s best shot because Louisville is supposed to win, they are the favorites. The teams they play can basically bring that “nothing to lose” attitude. The Cards need to be prepared to absorb the knock-out punches teams will try to throw.

2. Call the Dogs! – More specifically, the “wild dogs” otherwise known as guards Andre McGee, Preston Knowles and Jerry Smith. Their disruption of the other team’s backcourt has been crucial in the current 10 game winning streak. They have made it nearly impossible to easily advance the ball across half court. When it’s done, the opposition is tired and forced to rush their offense. The dogs make life a living hell for whomever is unfortunate enough to handle the ball. If they can continue this and help reach Coach Pitino’s goal of 35 deflections a game, the Cards should be in good shape…

For 8 more reasons and much more tourney chatter, visit The L Yes! Report.


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