MMA News and Notes from 3/23/09

Posted: March 18, 2009 by cftv in Outside the Ville, Posted by Chris Kull
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Here is a link to all of the MMA News and Scoops that you need for this week From Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.   I included the Obit he wrote on former WWE Wrestler Test who looks like he ended up being just another number of guys who died way to young after getting into the Wrestling Business.   Dave writes the best Obits for guys that pass away and while I haven’t read it yet I am sure there will be stuff that I had no clue about Andrew Martin and will tear into it this weekend when I go to the beach.

I will admit that I am still a pro Rasslin fan and will on occasion post some of the bigger stories  especially history pieces and Obits of wrestlers that just passed away recently.

I included a short interview above of Test talking about not wanting to be the next wrestler to pass away and about 18 months later he is dead just 4 days shy of his 34th birthday.

Here is the link to the post with all the news:


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