The EZ Life: Bracket Thoughts

Posted: March 17, 2009 by bigez in Posted by Big EZ, The EZ Life

You ever have so many things you want to talk about, but there are so many thoughts that they all get jumbled up in your head and you have no way of really organizing them?

I am so there.

So, to the random bulletpoints we go.

  • Louisville getting the overall # 1 seed was very much deserved. I just thought it was funny how they weren’t even in the discussion for a 1-seed going into Championship Week, and then suddenly, not only are they a 1-seed, they’re the overall one. Weird.
  • Anyone see Bracketology on ESPN after the brackets were released? Dick Vitale got visibly upset when Jay Bilas was banging on him for wanting St. Mary’s in the tournament and Arizona out. It was funny. Dicky-V was flustered.
  • Louisville potentially getting Ohio State in Dayton does suck. But, the committee did …

(Don’t fret… the rest of EZ’s thoughts are right here at


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