MMA/UFC News and Notes from 3/16/09

Posted: March 11, 2009 by cftv in Outside the Ville, Posted by Chris Kull

Here is a link to all the latest news and scoops from the Wrestling Observer for the week of 3/16/09:

Two breaking stories is that it was made official that at the UFC Event  in May it will be headlined by Lyoto Machida vs. Rashad Evans because Ramapge Jackson won’t be ready to fight due to torn ligiments in his jaw as well as a hyperextended elbow.   Rampage will get the first shot when the winner of Machida/Evans is ready to fight later in the year.

Also MMA Pioneer  Ken Shamrock tested positive for 3 different steroids after his War Gods Fight in February of this year.

I wasn’t able to embedd all of the fights from last weeks UFC show but here is a link of some of the top fights from the card that was pretty solid from top to bottom!

Here is the link to the Rampage vs. Jardine fight:
Here is the link to the Matt Hammil vs. Mark Munoz fight that finished with a sweet head kick!
Here is a link to the Matt Brown vs. Pete Sell fight that was stopped a bit too late by ref Yves Lavigne:
Here is a link to the Gabrial Gonzaga vs. Shane Carwin fight:  ttp://

  1. MMA Magazine says:

    I just saw jardine fight awhile back and man can that guy throw some punches.

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