United comeback and how I became a fan of futbol.

Posted: March 7, 2009 by cftv in Outside the Ville, Posted by Chris Kull
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A girlfriend of mine who has been taking an interst in my interest in soccer and Manchester United asked me why?

How it goes was that back in 1990 I used to post on a messageboard called http://www.otherarena.com which was a pro wrestling board but also like other good boards had topics outside of wrestling game to talk about.  There was this great great poster who posted under the name jdw and his real name is John David Wiliams and he used to write for the Pro Wrestling Torch and bak in those days I was a big pro wrstling fan.  So anyway in 99 I was reading his posts and he kept talking about this soccer team and how they were going for all kinds of glory as the season wound down to the close.

Well that year Manchester United won the league, won the FA Cup, and won the European Champions League.   It just so happened that I got home from work on a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon that I flipped on ESPN 2 and there was the Manchester United/Bayern Munch game was on the tube.   There was only like 10 minutes left in the game and I was entranced as United kept attackng Munich trying to get the tying goal to send the game to extra time.  At this point in my life I had only seen a coule of games from Mexico 86, USA94, and France 98 of the World Cup but never was expoed to club soccer.
Well in extra time as the video above shows Teddy Sherinham knocked in a half hit shot by Ryan Giggs past Bayern Munich’s Superman in Goal Oliver Kahn.   And not a minute and a half later Ole Gunnar Solskjaer headed in a perfect David Beckham corner kick past Munich’s defense for the wnner and I was hooked.

What added to my addiction was this was  a few months before Barry Sanders of my beloved Detroit Lions retired the night before training camp and with my new found love for this team in Red and White and the sad retirement in the crummiest of fashionby my favorite football player of all time lead me to become the futbo fanboy I have become.   That year I discoverd that my local Fox Sports Net had a 2 hour show from 4pm to 6pm on Sundays that had all the highlights to the weekend games.  Then came getting Direct TV and Fox Soccer Chanenl and the rest as they say is history.

But watch that clip above as it was one of the greatest smash and grab victories in the history of futbol as United completed the famed Treble of 99 and how and why I beame hooked to this game that I love so mce that I just can’t get enough of.


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