The EZ Life: SEC Conference Tournament Seeding In-Depth

Posted: March 6, 2009 by bigez in Kentucky Basketball, Posted by Big EZ, The EZ Life

At this point, it really doesn’t affect Kentucky. Win against Florida, and you’re the 3-seed in the East. Lose, and you’re the 4-seed.

But UK fans would like to know their path to the title (which you may need to get into the NCAAs, right?) I’m assuming, so here’s what we got from the SEC.

SEC Champions: LSU (13-2)
SEC Eastern Division Champions: Tennessee (10-5)
SEC Western Division Champions: LSU (13-2)

Eastern Division & Games Remaining
1. Tennessee (10-5) UA (1)
2. South Carolina (9-6) @UG (1)
3. Kentucky (8-7)# @UF (1)
4. Florida (8-7)# UK (1)
5. Vanderbilt (7-8) AR (1)
6. Georgia (3-12) SC (1)
Note: #–Kentucky won only head-to-head meeting prior to Sunday’s game.

Western Division & Games Remaining
1. LSU (13-2) @AU (1)
2. Auburn (9-6) LS (1)
3. Mississippi State (8-7) @UM (1)
4. Ole Miss (7-8) MS (1)
5. Alabama (6-9) @UT (1)
6. Arkansas (2-13) VU (1)

First Round Matchups (if season ended 3/6; Clinched in BOLD)
[E4] Florida vs. [W5] Alabama 1:00 ET
[W3] Mississippi State vs. [E6] Georgia 3:15 ET
[W4] Ole Miss vs. [E5] Vanderbilt 7:30 ET
[E3] Kentucky vs. [W6] Arkansas 9:45 ET
Byes: [W1] LSU, [E1] Tennessee, [W2] Auburn, [E2] South Carolina

Possible Seedings for the Tournament…

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