The EZ Life: Who gets the 1-seed if Big East has a three-way tie at top?

Posted: February 26, 2009 by bigez in Louisville Basketball, Posted by Big EZ, The EZ Life

I keep on staring at the top of the Big East standings trying to make sense of it.

Whose got the edge? Where does Louisville fit in?

What happens in case of a tie?

That last question is the one I attempted to tangle with last night after Jim Calhoun’s 800th win as UConn beat Marquette.

So I was starting to do some scenarios, and actually, there is ONE scenario where all four teams can tie for first place at 14-4. Obviously, that would mean that UConn (14-2 in conference) would have to lose both of it’s last two games (fat chance), Louisville loses at home to Marquette and at West Virginia, and Pitt LOSES at Seton Hall (fatter chance) before coming back to win at home against Marquette and UConn.

But, forget about that.

Here’s what we got at the moment:

(this is good… go to for the rest)

  1. christopher says:

    hey big ez i think uconn will lose to notre dame and louisville will win out and uconn and louisville in top two spots so that means louisville will win regular season uconn will also lose to pitt again and drop to a number to seed and louisville will move up to a number one because louisville will go deep in the big east tournament if not winning it all

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