James Harden or Jodie Meeks…who do you take?

Posted: February 26, 2009 by Bacon in Kentucky Basketball, Posted by Larry Loobers

Tennessee Kentucky BasketballThis could be like choosing between apples and oranges but what has bothered me and others is that for all the love the media is giving Meeks, there is none for the Arizona State Sophomore guard. Both have similar builds, with Meeks measuring in at 6’4 208 and Harden at 6’5 218.


No Harden has not scored 54 points in a game this season. He (Harden) has reached the 40 point mark once this season(Meeks has done it 3 times) but while Meeks is averaging 25 points a game, Harden is putting up 21 points a game.

Both can score…there is no arguing that but there is more then scoring in the game of basketball. While Meeks may be putting up 4 more points a game, he (Meeks) has also taken 120 more shots this season and even though Meeks is shooting a good 46% from the field, Harden is shooting a better 52%.

Meeks has longer range then Harden, hitting 43% of his 237 three point attempts but Harden can still burn you from deep as well(knocking down 44 of 116 threes). 


 Here is where I think Harden may separate himself from Jodie though….Meeks is a poor ball handler and passer and that is a nice way to say it. He (Meeks) contributing 1.6 assists a game but is also turning the ball over 2.8 times a game(44 assists-99 turnovers). Harden on the other hand is averaging 4.5 assists a game but is averaging 3.5 turnovers but unlike Meeks lopsided A/T ratio, Harden has committed 90 turnovers this year compared to 110 assists. UCLA Arizona St Basketball Three times this season Harden has had a double double with points and assists, with his season high 11 assists coming against UCLA earlier. Meeks though hasn’t had a game with more then 6 assists in a game and that was against Lamar. Harden has not had a game this season without and assist. Meeks has had 8 games without one (assist). James by the way doesn’t even lead his team in assists a game. Both players average just over a steal a game. Meeks is grabbing 3.5 boards a game, while Harden is snagging 5.4 a game.

Like I said it’s like choosing between apples and oranges.


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