Champions League Preview Round of 16 Edition!!!!

Posted: February 24, 2009 by cftv in Outside the Ville, Posted by Chris Kull
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For futbol junkies like myself the Round of 16 of the European Champions League is like the Thursday and Friday experience for College Hoops fans.   I have to give it to the College Hoops because the games air all days while all games in the Champions League are played at the same time on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Champions League is a tournament for club soccer teams in Europe that involve the champions of all the leagues througout the continent and in some cases the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams of the top leagues.  The tournament started at the end of August and will continue to the end of May when a champion will be crowned in Italy.

The TV Schedule for today and tomorrow for the Champions League is as follows:


2:30pm – ESPN 2 – Inter Milan/Manchester United

2:30pm – ESPN Deportes – Lyon/Barcelona

4:45pm – ESPN Deportes -Atletico Madrid/FC Porto (Played earlier in the afternoon can be watched online if you know what you are  looking for)

5:00pm – ESPN Classic – Lyon/Barcelona Replay

9:00pm – Arsenal/AS Roma (played earlier in the afternoon can be found online if you want to watch at 2:30pm)


2:30pm – ESPN 2 – Chelsea/Juventus

2:30pm – ESPN Deportes – Real Madrid/Liverpool

4:30pm – ESPN Deportes – Villarreal/Panathanakolis  (On delay from 2:30pm)

5pm – ESPN Classic Real Madrid/Liverpool (On delay from 2:30pm if you want to avoid ESPN Deportes)

9pm – ESPN Deportes – Sporting Lisbon of Portugal/Bayern Munich.

The 4 big games worth watching are the Inter Milan/Man United game that features the champions of Italy and England respectively as well as the 2 teams that are currently on top of the league.    Also worth watching are the classic match ups featuring Chelsea/Juve, Liverpool/Real Madrid, and AS Romaa/Arsenal.  All of these teams have boatloads of superstars and guys that can change the game with a couple touches on the football.

Just an ubelieveable 2 day of futbol watching with the best part is that these teams will play each other in 3 weeks time where the teams that host this weekend having to travel to the other teams stadium for the away fixture.

I could go on and on but I am going to do some more reasearch around the net as I anarach myself to get ready for this great great day of sports!  I included highlights of one of the greatest finishes of the Champions League which has turned me into the footy loving freak that I am today.   Watch the video above even if you aren’t a soccer fan just to see what the Champions of League means to the a professional soccer club as well as fanbase.    Just an awesome clip that gives me goosebumps everytime I watch it!

I hope that your sports menu is full!!!


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