MMA News and Notes for March 3rd 2009

Posted: February 23, 2009 by cftv in Outside the Ville, Posted by Chris Kull

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There is no big UFC show this weekend however next weekend has a live show from Columbus with the main event of Quinton Rampage Jackson vs. Keith Jardine as the headliner.  Rampage is coming off a big W over Wanderlei Siliva who had bested him in the first 2 times the two fighters fougth.   Jardine is a training partner and best friend of Rashad Evans who is the 205 lb champion and if Rampage can get past Jardine he will probably get the shot for Evans title at UFC 100.  What Rampage is going to have to look out for is Jardine’s low kicks which are devestating when hit right becuase Rampage relies on his power in his punches and if his lead leg is taken out he is going to lose a lot of power.    Jardine is famous for winning a decsion over a listless Chuck Liddell a year and  a half or so where One Trick Chuck couldn’t land his bitch blaster on Jardine.

Gabrial Gonzaga against up and coming heavyweight Shane Carwin who UFC is going to try to build up as a possible contender to the winner of the Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir who are facing off in May in Vegas to unify the UFC Heavyweight titles.   Gonzaga is famous for his head kick to MMA Legend Mirko Cro Cop from a couple of years back.
Also it was announced that Randy Couture who is coming off a defeat to Brock Lesner in November will be facing off with Antonio Rodorigo Nogueira who is coming 9f to a loss to Frank Mir in December at UFC 101 in August of this summer.   Couture and Big Nog are two of the all time legends in the sport.  Big Nog’s loss to Mir was the first time he lost a fight that didn’t go to the judges scorecards.   Of course Randy is Captain America who is like 44 years old and is still one of the best conditioned fighters on the planet.

Here are a few clips to watch that should wet the whistle of any MMA fans looking forward to next weeks card in the most God Forsaken City in all of America Columbus, Ohio.

Rampage  Jackson Highlights: 
Keith Jardine Highlights:  
Gabrial Gonzaga’s classic KO of Cro Cop which is a must watch as the kick came out of nowhere and just droped the Croatian Legend out in devestating fashion:

Shane Carwin highlights:  


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